So you can create videos with Google’s 3D animals


Google animals have become one of the quarantine distractions. Being able to turn the living room into a zoo is a good way to pass the time and today we know that a novelty will arrive shortly that will make it more entertaining. 

Google’s AR application has been offering different augmented reality experiences for some time, taking to our mobiles, from robots, space missions and all kinds of 3D objects . Now the fashion is her animals, seeing a tiger walking next to the sofa or on the table. 

Google has developed the possibility of recording these experiences on video so that users can share them on social networks, as we read in 9to5Google . At the moment, the deployment will take time to reach all devices , but it can be used to record our interactions with any object that we find in Google’s AR application. 

Once the update arrives, we proceed to configure the camera and keep the shutter pressed while we want to continue recording. The application will allow you to record a maximum of 30 seconds , video that is immediately saved in the mobile gallery and we can send it to any other person or social network. 

It is a great step, because until now you could only record the mobile screen to capture the moment and the application buttons were recorded, taking away the realism of the video. It was also possible to record these experiences with Apple’s AR Quick Look app  . 

The update will arrive shortly to all mobiles that are compatible with this application, since not all allow the functions of ArCore by Google . Here you will find a  list of smartphones compatible  with this AR Core engine.



There are many brands that participate in this project so we can find on our mobile, from a tiger, to a Volvo S60 or IKEA furniture to know how they will be with the rest of the decoration. Although undoubtedly the most interesting experiences are those related to science and space .