Don’t be short of space: Amazon cuts this external 10 TB hard drive to € 181

WD Elements

oday we accumulate countless digital files: the photos and videos we take with our mobile phone or camera, local copies of movies, music or video games that we have downloaded, documents related to work or studies … For this reason, If we don’t want to go to the cloud, we often need external storage solutions. 

If you were thinking of buying a large capacity external hard drive at a good price, pay attention because this offer interests you: Amazon has lowered the price of this 10 TB external hard drive and now it only costs € 181.38 .

Specifically, we are talking about the WD Elements Desktop 10 TB, an external desktop hard drive from the Western Digital brand, one of the most recognized manufacturers in the sector. It is the lowest price it has on Amazon in recent months, so it is a good opportunity to buy it cheaper. 

Elements 10 TB

Elements 10 TB

External 10 TB desktop hard drive. It offers reliable high-capacity storage with fast data transfers so you don’t have to worry about space problems again. Compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

According to the manufacturer, WD Elements hard drives stand out for offering reliable high-capacity storage accompanied by fast data transfer. It is easy to use and connect, and is compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. 

You have to keep in mind that, being a desktop hard drive with a large capacity, it is not a compact and lightweight product. Its dimensions are 13.5 x 4.8 x 16.58 cm, and its weight is 0.95 kg. Of course, its design is elegant with quality finishes.

Tips and tricks for buying an external hard drive
Tips and tricks for buying an external hard drive

If you want to buy an external hard drive, you will surely have many doubts. In this guide we detail the characteristics that you have to take into account.

So if you need a portable unit with you that can be transported more easily, you better look for a portable external hard drive. An interesting alternative is this 5 TB Seagate that currently costs € 102 on Amazon : it only weighs 260 grams and its dimensions are 11.71 x 8 x 2.01 cm.

Shipping the order is free for all users, but if you want to receive it faster we recommend that you take advantage of the Amazon Prime free trial month . It has no cost, you can cancel it at any time and you benefit from all the advantages of subscribers, such as shipping in 24 – 48 hours on many products or free access to Prime Video.

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