Tonight you can see the Starlink satellites passing over your house


Do you want to see the Starlink satellites from your balcony or your window ? If the answer to this question is yes, we will tell you how to observe them tonight with the naked eye from your home. 

SpaceX recently launched the seventh set of 60 Starlink satellites into orbit, the project with which Elon Musk wants to bring the Internet to the entire planet. Perhaps you did not know, but when a few days have passed since its launch, from Earth we can see the satellite train with the naked eye, as they travel together and little by little they expand in space.

It is not necessary to have any specialized instrument to observe them : if the weather is good and the sky is clear of clouds and without light pollution, you just need to know when they will appear and where they will pass. 

As reported by El Español , tonight the Starlink satellites will cross the Peninsula, so you can see them from your home. To know exactly the time and the specific point from where you will be able to observe them, you can use  See a Satellite Tonight . It is a tool developed by James Darpinian, an engineer who has been part of the Google Earth project, which allows you to know in a matter of seconds the artificial satellites that you will be able to see from your home in the next five days. 

See a Satellite Tonight is very easy to use. You have to send your location so that the system knows where your house is, and in the left column will appear the different times at which the artificial satellites or the International Space Station will pass in the next five days. 

How to view Starlink satellites

By clicking on a schedule, the tool tells you which satellite will cross the sky at that time, the route it will follow and a view of the exact point where you can see it, which is obtained using Google Street View . This is very useful since you know exactly where you have to look.

In addition, the system also indicates the cloud forecast for that moment , so you will know if you will have enough visibility. If you wish, you have the possibility to create a reminder on your calendar to not miss the observation.