We say goodbye to the week and welcome Saturday and Sunday. Days when many can rest and disconnect from the daily worries that surround them. You can disconnect with a good book, a movie or a series like the ones we recommend below . 

These weeks we have chosen very varied genres, from police stories that have been maintaining the suspense between their characters for years to new comedies that can take us far to have a good time. 

Although the platforms are being forced to paralyze some projects, most still have many new features in the bedroom to liven up their free time these days of confinement. If you have not yet subscribed to any of these platforms, it may be time to try them for free and decide whether to keep your catalog or look for other content. 

Disney plus
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The last dance

Although you are not the most fond of sports and specifically basketball, that documentary series hooks anyone. Open the door to the lesser-known part of the sport:  rivalries, conflicts, epic moments, mistakes that changed everything . Between interviews and recordings inside the locker room, it’s a great way to discover everything surrounding the 1997-1998 NBA season from the Chicago Bulls team. 

  • Title : The last dance – The last dance
  • Release date : 2020
  • Duration : 10 episodes
  • Platform / s :  Netflix

Killing Eve

Killing Eve

HBO has released this month the third season of one of its best series. The relationship that has been created between Eve Polastri, MI6 officer and the murderous psychopath Villanelle is becoming increasingly complex and at the end of last season many questions remained in the air . If you have not seen it yet, you have the whole weekend to binge on all its episodes. 

  • Title : Killing Eve
  • Release date : 2018
  • Duration : 50 minutes each episode
  • Platform / s :  HBO