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If you are looking for a tablet to entertain yourself or to study that is not very expensive and to which you can get the most out of making it practically a laptop, this 10.1-inch tablet includes all the accessories you may need for only € 98.99 .

Under the Novel TTT brand, a 10.1-inch tablet is presented, perfect for watching videos or surfing the internet or making video calls. It has a quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage memory expandable to 128GB.

Novel TTT
10.1 Inch Novel TTT Tablet

10-inch tablet with Android 9, 64GB of memory, WiFi and 4G connection to connect to wireless networks wherever you are. Includes all the accessories you may need, including a keyboard, mouse, case, headphones, USB adapters, and wired charger.

In addition to being a tablet to connect to the internet at home, when it is possible to go traveling you can take it wherever you want, because it includes a connection with 4G networks to connect to the internet anywhere .

It has Android 9.0 and in it you can download any application through Google Play, such as the Google applications for studying, Netflix, Disney +, Zoom or Skype, which with confinement are becoming the most popular in the world. But also games.

The best thing about this tablet is that it comes with all the accessories you may need to work with it. For example it includes a case, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, headphones, USB lamp, USB adapter, charging cable and charger. All in one package so you don’t have to search for each thing separately.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4
5 Android tablets of less than € 300 that can cope with the iPad

There is no doubt that the Apple iPad is the benchmark tablet on the market, however, in the Android world there are cheap alternatives that are also very competitive both in price and performance. 

You can get this 10.1-inch tablet and all its accessories for just € 98.99 on Amazon , with totally free shipping and fast shipping for Prime users.

It is available in white and black. Without a doubt, it is a very economical good option for those who urgently need a tablet to work, study or consume content such as movies or series.

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