Netflix releases an ideal movie today if you like dramas


A story of strong women, fighting in the most complex moments of their lives. The current situation does not seem the best to dedicate time to dramas as heartbreaking as this, but if the mood allows us , Netflix offers us a story that leaves its mark .

The plot takes us to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where conflicts occur within the family. It is the debut of the writer and director Ivona Juka who wanted to reflect different female spirits that enrich the film and through which we feel the drama. 

The lives of various women succeed each other to show us different realities. Ives works in a soap opera production company and combines his professional life with the difficulty of living with his father, sick with Alzheimer’s and who needs constant attention. While Dora maintains a turbulent relationship with her father, but for different reasons, this is a criminal who has returned to his life after years of disappearance. 

Blood brothers

Illness, infidelities, pregnancies and crimes will end up uncovering as the story progresses and we can delve into the feelings that move or trap this group of women. Juka easily intertwines these lives, reflecting the emotions of its protagonists with poetic images , stones that prevent escape or tunnels that show the anxiety they suffer and that inevitably transmit to the viewer. 

The gray and winter landscape accompanies each of the stories as if it were a theater set that also helps to build the emotion of each situation. It is, in short, a movie to see if what you want is to cry tirelessly wrapped in a blanket on the sofa. 

The more than 2 hours of history of You Take Me are available on Netflix in various languages ​​and subtitles, adding to the European catalog on the platform. This 2015 film is a song of compassion and forgiveness more difficult , more intense.