The weeks of quarantine continue to increase, but so does the number of movies that hit Netflix, HBO, and Prime Video . Its catalogs add classics and novelties alike and you can find movies of the type you want to anything you want. But if you want to get carried away, we are going to make some recommendations that may interest you.

This time we are going to forget the current context to go to science fiction stories, love, violence and other areas that can trap you and make you abstract a little from reality.

You already know that you also have the Disney + catalog, which recently arrived in our country, and many other platforms that we continuously analyze, but if you are a subscriber to Netflix, HBO or Prime Video, here are our recommendations for the weekend.

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The Warriors – Netflix

The Warriors

It can be a cult film for different reasons that are sometimes difficult to discern and with The Warriors, which here was titled The Masters of the Night , we find an example. A movie has been added to Netflix that tells the battle that is being prepared in New York between a street gang with 100,000 members and the police . With a city in a state of absolute deterioration, a reflection of the New York of the time taken to the extreme, here you can enjoy a very entertaining film that only lasts an hour and a half.

  • Title : The Warriors
  • Release date : 1979
  • Duration : 93 minutes
  • Platform : Netflix

Hidden Fate – HBO

Hidden destination

The films based on stories of Philip K. Dick are almost a subgenre in science fiction, Blade Runner to A look at the dark there is a whole world. But, in general, some of the key issues can be found in all of them, such as questioning reality and distrust of power . In Hidden Destination we see an adaptation that chooses to look for the field of entertainment without too much crumb, a film that soon becomes a simple hobby. If you are looking to distract yourself for a while, here is a good option.

  • Title : Hidden Destiny (The Adjustment Bureau)
  • Release date : 2011
  • Duration : 107 minutes
  • Platform : HBO