Pokémon GO announces remote raids to participate in battles without leaving home

Pokémon GO

The health crisis has forced us to change our habits, even in the way we enjoy video games. One of the most affected is Pokémon GO , a mobile game that precisely encourages players to go out into the streets to find Pokémon and fight battles against other trainers. Niantic, its creators, has been adapting the game to the new situation: today it has announced remote raids, which will allow it to participate in battles with other players without leaving home.

Now now, to participate in raids it was necessary to go outside to the imaginary location of a Pokémon gym, where you could fight with the players who were in the surroundings.

According to the website Heavy , in an email that Niantic is sent to users announces that Pokémon GO will soon activate remote raids , to fight against the Pokémon of other players from home. It also explains how it will work.

Soon Pokémon GO will release the Remote Raid Passes . This Pass will allow you to go to a nearby gym that we have on the map where the raids are active, without leaving home.

Each player will only be able to have a limited number of these passes in their inventory, and although the raids have a capacity of 20 players, only a certain number of coaches (not yet provided) will be able to participate with the remote pass .

During the first weeks all players (regardless of whether they use the standard or remote pass) will have the same attack, but in the future players using remote passes will have their attack power reduced.

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Niantic has also announced that it will be adjusting the system as players join. So over time the number of remote trainers that can participate in each raid will vary, as well as the ability to invite friends, and the aforementioned attack power.

Remote raids will also allow you to accomplish achievements and associated tasks, just like a standard raid.

The Remote Raid Pass will be available in a special pack that will cost 1 Pokécoin , and there will be discounts for the purchase of 100 Pokécoins.

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In addition, Pokémon GO is going to add some changes to facilitate the game at home, such as the possibility of completing a daily field investigation task without having to use the PokeStop . Also your partner Pokémon can go to a PokeStop to collect gifts that you can send to your friends.