Since Chromecast was launched on the market in 2013,  it has become an indispensable device for many homes and their leisure options. It has competed with other similar gadgets, like Fire TV Stick , but Chromecast has some features that make it especially useful, especially its versatility.

In principle, this device allows you to convert any television into a SmartTV , since it makes it possible to send content from your smartphone to your television. This is very practical if you don’t have a Smart TV at home but want to enjoy Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video or HBO on your television. 

But Chromecast can also double as a video game console . Much of Chromecast’s functionality depends on the Google Play Store, and that has its advantages; among them, access to hundreds of applications of all kinds, including games. 

Google Chromecast Ultra
Chromecast Ultra

This device connects to your TV or monitor via HDMI and also to WiFi at home. Once configured you can project content directly from your mobile in 4K resolution.

We are not just referring to the games that are available for tablet or smartphone, since there are many specially developed to play them with Chromecast. So if you don’t have a console at home, Chromecast can be a good option .

Most of the games developed for this device use the television as a screen and the smartphone or tablets as the controller . So you will not need any special controls to play, with your phone it will be more than enough. 

Index of contents

  1. Alien invaders
  2. DrawParty
  3. Wordcast
  4. Just Dance Now
  5. Arcade Family
  6. Tankcast
  7. Hangman family
  8. Tower Construction 3D
  9. GamingCast
  10. Draw king
  11. Angry Birds Go!
  12. Selfie Games: Group TV Party
  13. CastNES, Cast Retro Gear, and CastGBC
  14. RISK: Global Domination

And many of the Chromecast games also have multiplayer, making them ideal for hanging out these days. If you want to play with your partner, in this list we have compiled some Chromecast games that you can play as a couple . 

Alien invaders

Chromecast games

Trapps City

This game may sound familiar to you just by hearing the name , and it’s no wonder. Alien Invaders aims to be a Chromecast version of the classic arcade game Space Invaders.

Like the original, waves of enemies will appear in each game , gradually moving towards the bottom of the screen while you are shot. To win you will have to eliminate your enemies and prevent the ship you pilot from taking damage in the process.

The curious origin of Chromecast that surprised Google itself

Every great idea is born from anecdotes of life, and likewise it happened with the origin of Chromecast that surely will surprise you, just as it did to Google itself.

Alien Invaders multiplayer mode allows up to six players to play at the same time. Each player will have their own ship , so you can end the waves of aliens faster if you play multiple people. 

Download the game here .


Chromecast games


DrawParty is a digital version of the classic Pictionary board game. The way of playing is very similar: the game will propose a word to one of the players, who will have to draw a picture to represent it. The other player must guess which word the drawing in question refers to . 

In DrawParty you will also have different drawing tools , so that the shapes are even more abstract and it costs more to find out the word they are inspired by. That way you don’t even have to try hard to make it difficult for the other players.

If you play more than two people, the app allows you to form several teams to compete in a group. And the developers are adding more words progressively, to avoid that the games become repetitive.

Download the game here .