Call of Duty cheats will be forced to play together

Call of Duty Warzone

Cheats are a scourge in video games, as they mess up games and cause some legal players to leave the online scene. The last Call of Duty is riddled with them, but now we have good news. And it is that, from the next update, the cheats of Call of Duty Warzone will be forced to play together .

Warzone is one of the best products we’ve received these past few weeks . It is a free Call of Duty with battle royale mechanics (such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite, among many others ) that has that ‘gunplay’ characteristic of the saga and a very special component.

The ‘Gulag’ is the place that players go to when we die in a game. We face another player and, if we are victorious, we return to the game a second time. It is a real game that, on top, is free (we tell you what are the best free online games for these days ) and has cross-play, but it has a problem: a legion of cheats . 

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Now, as we read in Fossbytes, Infinity Ward -developer- will introduce a new option in the code so that the matchmaking system matches cheats with each other.

It’s like when all the bad guys were taken to the same class at school, but in the online environment so that the legal players, who play without any kind of cheating, really have fun in the games.

The studio is taking this very seriously and indeed has a large department that has stepped up its fight against cheats , kicking tens of thousands of users, but there is still work to be done and this new way of pairing players can help create a healthier environment.

In addition, as the study has confirmed through Twitter , they will soon implement a function so that players can report to other users through the death chamber (which is activated to see how they have killed us) and will notify us when a reported player is sent off .