15 games that are free on Google Play right now: take the opportunity to download them

mobile games

As a general rule, most of the mobile games that we find in the Google Play store require a previous payment to enjoy them. They do not usually exceed 5 euros, even many can cost just a few cents, but if we are in a bad budget it is better to pay attention to those that are on sale or free. 

The prices of these games are not static, they tend to vary and we can find that for several days they are on sale and those that used to cost money are now free for a short period of time. We have taken a quick look and found a list of 15 games for you to play on mobile without costing you money . 

Now we have more time to spend at home in peace, occupying the head for a while with one of these games can be a good alternative . There are them for all the tastes , action games, games of intellect or games that help us to get off the couch and move even if it is indoors. 

Yes, most are games to sit and move with your avatar in-game, but in the list you will also find other games like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pokémon Go that are reinventing themselves, instead of moving around the street looking for challenges, you move inside the house . Here is the complete list: 

  • Call of Duty: Mobile – It is one of the most popular in the Google store, an assault game where you have to have all four senses to detect your enemies. 
  • The Frostrune – Immerse yourself in Nordic culture on this abandoned island filled with mysteries.
  • Transmission – Perfect for the passionate about puzzles who feel able to overcome their 70 levels of difficulty.
  • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – Become a wizard and become an expert in potions or taming dragons.
  • Stranger Things: The Game  – For fans of the series it is a way to stay connected to the story until the new season arrives, it is a simple but very interesting graphics game.
  • Asphalt 9: Legends – If you are looking for car races around any city on the planet, Asphalt is one of the most popular. 
  • Rumble Stars Soccer – A match with players from all over the world in real time in which the team that scores the most goals in a few minutes will win.
  • Tennis Clash: 3D – We continue with another sport, this time we propose you to be a professional tennis player.
  • Brawl Stars – In its first weeks of life it was not very difficult to conquer thousands of players, if you have not tried it yet, we encourage you to do so. 
  • Pokémon GO – It was also very popular and continues to have many fans, searching for pokémons throughout the city is very liberating, although we can also search for them indoors. 
  • PUBG MOBILE – This battle royale is one of the most popular games alongside Fortnite. 
  • Asked 2 – To play with the whole family at a distance and see who knows more about general culture. 
  • Q12 Trivia  – Another version of the trivial classic to test our knowledge. 
  • Helix Jump – It is a very simple game in which we must guide a ball through mazes of the strangest, but it is addictive. 
  • Eternal Summer – This adventure and mystery novel tests our skills as a detective.

There are many more that we can discover by taking a tour of the Google store and every day more offers emerge. You just have to download them and start playing, they do not require any other step, unless you want the game to save your achievements, in which case it is preferable that you register.