The meme of the moment can be seen in GTA V

meme gta v coffin

It is the meme of the year, there is no discussion possible. The one with the gentlemen dancing with a coffin in response to an unfortunate video. And he has come to GTA V .

In these YouTube videos we can see how several users have developed their mods to include these porters dancing with a coffin, which come to them that have not even painted the dozens of ways to die in the Rockstar game.

If you haven’t seen the original meme yet , I don’t know where you’ve been stuck these past few weeks. Although good, it is not that you have had much to choose from.

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In the meme, which uses the theme Astronomy by Tony Igy and Vicetone , there are actually professional porters in Ghana, who provide their services (charging figures of up to $ 300) to bring some vintage (easy joke) to funerals.

In this BBC report you can even see them, although without the meme music, almost something is missing, right?

We recently learned that Rockstar, the studio behind GTA, had made a series of reforms at the company that greatly improved the work environment. However, it seems that GTA VI will take time to arrive … although other sources say otherwise .

What is your opinion? Of course, the GTA V community never tires of the game, just look at the number of mods they keep creating …

This article was published in Hobby Consolas by Javier Escribano.