Hollywood, Three meters above the sky: The series, and all the premieres of the week on Netflix


With each start of the month a good number of series and movies are added to Netflix and this time it would be no less. After a strange April, May begins on Friday and during the next few days we have dozens of premieres that we can enjoy on the platform , some of them more than interesting.

Among the upcoming series there are all kinds, from some focused on lovers of classic cinema to others for fans of Federico Moccia or those who seek more violent products. The variety is very interesting and it is worth spending some time searching among the news.

If you want to know what premieres on Netflix between April 27 and May 3 , read on.

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Hollywood and other premiere series

Ryan Murphy releases more than one series per year and they are always interesting. He is the creator of Glee, American Horror Story, Pose or The Politician , and now he returns with a series that is very close to his concerns and is set in  Hollywood in the 1940s .


Hollywood has always lived between two realities, those who succeed and those who try to become famous and appear in movies. Murphy’s series focuses on applicants through a group of actors looking to get to the big studios and the relationships they have with each other.

Comedy, drama, love of movies, bad milk … you can see Hollywood on Netflix from May 1 .

Other premiere series

  • I never (S1) – April 27
  • Extracurricular (T1) – April 28
  • Versailles (S3) – April 28
  • Three meters above the sky: The series (T1) – April 29
  • Drifting Dragons (S1) – April 30
  • The Forest of Love: Deep Cut (S1) – April 30
  • The Victim’s Game (S1) – April 30
  • Almost happy (S1) – May 1
  • Into the Night (S1) – May 1
  • Colony (S3) – May 2
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All day and one night and other film releases

Within Netflix’s own productions, this week highlights the film All day and one night, directed by Joe Robert Cole, Black Panther screenwriter who has always shown a special interest in reporting products.

All day and one night

In this film, he focuses on telling the life story of a character played by Jeffrey Wright,  sentenced to life in prison, to understand what elements of his life have pushed him to end up in prison . With a drama-focused approach, both your life and social context will matter in the plot.

If you want to see All day and one night, you can do it from May 1 .

Mr. Robot - Rami Malek
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Hackers and the computer world are increasingly present in television fictions. Sure, at the moment we can think of a series that deals with these topics, but if you can only think of one or two, we have selected a few about hackers that we find interesting.

Other film releases

  • You carry it! – April 28
  • A Secret Love – April 29
  • Crime and Forgiveness: The Cyntoia Brown Story – April 29
  • Dangerous Lies – April 30
  • Rich in love – April 30
  • Notes for a robbery movie – May 1
  • Animals without a collar – May 1
  • Like dogs and cats – May 1
  • Half Conquest – May 1
  • Fury – May 1
  • Karate Kid II: The Story Continues – May 1
  • The Shadow of the Law – May 1
  • Mrs. Serial Killer – May 1
  • Scary Night – May 1