Betty, Gravity and other HBO releases of the week


Riding from one month to the next, this week brings very interesting premieres. On the one hand we have the few premieres in series and movies that are pending from April and on the other, we link with the beginning of the month of May that begins strongly in the HBO catalog .

Every beginning of the month the platforms throw the house out the window with a large number of new series and movies to catch the attention of the subscribers. This Friday, May 1 is the main course, although throughout the week we can find very interesting news . 

We can choose from high-budget Hollywood movies that take us to the stars, to somewhat more modest series that present us with a closer reality and with our feet on the ground. 

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Below we detail the complete list of premieres that, as an HBO subscriber, you will find from today April 27 to May 3 . But if you still do not have a user on this platform, you can try it for a limited period completely free of charge .

Betty and more series to release

HBO again turns to the formula that gave it success with Euphoria . Betty is a new series of those cataloged as “teen queer” and that present us with a less sweetened and deeper adolescence than Hollywood has presented us until now. 


Betty is the small-screen spin-off of the critically acclaimed 2018 movie ‘Skate Kitchen,’ directed by Crystal Moselle . In this series of 6 chapters, the relationship of a group of girls who want to enter the world of skateboarding, a predominantly male sport, is presented.

Although there are not many series that HBO will premiere this week, both Betty and the third season of Killing Eve are big bets to disconnect this week. 

Other premiere series

  • Killing Eve (S3):  April 27
  • The Undeniable Truth :  April 28
  • Betty : May 2

Gravity and more movie releases

HBO Spain’s movie catalog grows considerably more in terms of movies. There are several titles pending for these last days of April, but the heavyweight arrives on May 1 when the platform premieres a significant number of films such as Gravity or Sherlock Holmes.


Warner Bros

Gravity is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting. It is a space drama directed by Alfonso Cuarón and starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney . Not only is the plot and tension of the story of these two astronauts lost in space important, but it is a film with important scientific references that make the film more truthful. 

Other film releases

  • You carry it! : 28th of April
  • XX2: State of emergency : April 29
  • Fatal Attraction : May 1
  • Love and other impossible things : May 1
  • Burst : May 1
  • Crisis experts : May 1
  • Happy 140 : May 1
  • Gravity : May 1
  • Sherlock Holmes : May 1
  • Temptation in Manhattan : May 1
  • Top Gun : May 1
  • Skate Kitchen : May 2