WhatsApp, Zoom and Skype bathe Europe in the use of messages and video calls


As soon as the citizens were confined at home, away from their friends and family and having to work from home, they saw the video call and messaging services as the best option to compensate for this obligatory social distancing. A study has compiled which are the most appreciated applications to maintain contact at a distance . 

The companies that offer this type of connection were quick to improve their functions , their security and free the service to as many people as possible, it is a great opportunity to get users while providing an essential service right now. In the past month, WhatsApp and Google have increased the number of users in a group call, Zoom has faced serious security problems, and Facebook has launched its own application. 

All these news and changes in the platforms to be the first one that users turn to when they want to talk to their families. According to a Picodi.com study , WhatsApp would be the main winner in Europe, the messaging application has been the most sought after in 22 countries on the continent . 

Video calls
5 applications to make free group video calls (from mobile or PC)

If you are away from your friends, family or colleagues, this is no excuse for not maintaining communication with them. Here are five applications that allow you to make group video calls to continue talking to these people.

The Picodi.com study is based on this ranking by comparing the number of online search queries of 19 instant messaging and video call clients.

WhatsApp would be the first in countries like Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy, for example. Its easy use from the mobile for small groups is possibly one of its advantages compared to the rest and that most users already had the application on their mobiles. 

Zoom , meanwhile, is the second most searched, the most popular in 14 countries such as Great Britain or Norway. The application has been involved in serious security problems that it has had to solve quickly to reassure its users that they have found their data sold on the dark web. But what has been most attractive to its users is the ease with which it can be used for large group video calls . 

Countries like Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have opted for one of the best known and veteran services in the sector, Skype . For its part, Google has only stood out in this study in Denmark, despite the fact that from the beginning of the quarantine it offered its services for free to help the education sector that has been forced to adapt classes from a distance.