Netflix now has a player built into WhatsApp

Netflix player on WhatsApp

From now on, when you share a Netflix link on WhatsApp, you can see a trailer for the content without leaving the app thanks to the new integrated player. We tell you what exactly this function consists of and how you can use it.

For quite some time, different platforms, including YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, have allowed users to watch WhatsApp videos directly in the application’s native Picture in Picture (PiP) player. Thanks to this, people who participate in a chat do not have to leave the app to play a video, which is very convenient and practical. 

Now Netflix joins these services and is already compatible with the native WhatsApp player . This does not mean that you can watch movies or full series chapters in this format, since for this it is necessary that each user has an active account on the platform. But what you can reproduce will be the trailers of the contents. 

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Sharing a Netflix link on WhatsApp is a very simple task. To do this, all you have to do is copy and paste the link of the content in question or, if you prefer, use the Share function of the Netflix app for your mobile, select WhatsApp and then the contact or group to which it is you want to send. 

After sending the Netflix link by WhatsApp, now the chat participants will see, in addition to the link to access the content tab in the app, the native player to see the trailer directly in the application. Therefore, all you have to do to play the video is to click on the Pla button , and voila!

Netflix player on WhatsApp

The functions of this player are the same as when you watch a video from YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. You can pause playback, view it in full screen or close it. If after viewing the trailer you want to see the full content, click on the link and you will access the Netflix app.