This is the disturbing science fiction series that Netflix premieres on Friday

Into the Night, new Netflix series

Next Friday opens Into the Night, Netflix’s new science fiction series.  The show stands out for its disturbing plot and promises to make us never see sunlight with the same eyes. If you like suspense stories with supernatural overtones, write May 1 on your calendar and don’t miss it. 

Science fiction is one of the genres preferred by millions of viewers, and in recent times many of the most successful series fall into this category. The new series that is about to arrive on Netflix brings together a good handful of ingredients to hook lovers of this genre, especially those who like intriguing stories with events that have no rational explanation. 

Here we leave the trailer for Into the Night to take a first look at the series:

The plot is inspired by The Old Axolotl, a novel written by the Polish author Jacek Dukaj and published in 2015. It presents us with a night flight that takes off from Brussels that is hijacked by a man who at first seems crazy. But soon the crew and passengers discover how lucky they have been to get on the plane: the sun’s rays have inexplicably started killing people , and they will try to survive this deadly cosmic event by flying west to avoid dawn. 

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This is an original Belgian-produced Netflix series created by Jason George , writer and producer of some Narcos chapters. The cast is made up of Mehmet Kurtulus, Jan Bijvoet, Pauline Etienne, Laurent Capelluto, Astrid Whettnall, Edwin Thomas and Stefano Cassetti, among others.

Into the Night arrives on Netflix this Friday, May 1. If you want to be aware of its premiere, enter this link and click on the Remind me button.